Still from 'know you' Photo by Galen Bremer (Pictured: Emma Hoette and Zoe Rabinowitz L to R)

Still from 'know you' Photo by Galen Bremer (Pictured: Emma Hoette and Zoe Rabinowitz L to R)


know you

A short dance film co-directed by Galen Bremer, Emma Hoette, and Zoe Rabinowitz

World Premiere Feb 16, 2016: Dance on Camera Festival
Co-presented by Film Society of Lincoln Center and Dance Films Association


On a gray day, a weathered sculpture in a public space may go unnoticed if not for the figures weaving through it. Are these two women, or one? The mystery of their circumstances ignites a curiosity for the anonymous subject.

Co-directed by Galen Bremer, Emma Hoette, and Zoe Rabinowitz

Choreography and Performance by Emma Hoette and Zoe Rabinowitz

Music composed by Galen Bremer


Choreography by Zoe Rabinowitz

Created and performed in residency: July 2014, Wellfleet, MA


Steps is a site-specific performance that investigates the role of hand games and play in the lives of female youth. Drawing upon hand clapping, double-dutch and tag, the performance explores how the skills of coordination, precision, musicality and wit define and instill a sense of value in the players, and reinforces or subverts the cultural expectations of young women. Conceived in response to the site of the Masonic Lodge in Welfleet, MA, the performance takes place outside of the lodge building, much as social and educational opportunities for women have often existed outside the formal structures historically provided for men. Set on a steep staircase, Steps evokes the front stoop and schoolyard as places of play and deep learning. Steps was choreographed by Zoe Rabinowitz in collaboration with the performers (Sara GurevichEmma HoetteJessie Young, and Anne Zuerner) and features an original score created and performed by Galen Bremer. Employing experimental and hip-hop sampling techniques, Bremer mixes original, analog synthesis with sounds from classical, disco, hip-hop and jazz vinyl records and cassette tape loops. Steps premiered in July 2014 as part of the Fleet Moves Dance Festival, presented by the Movement Party.

Choreography in collaboration with performers by Zoe Rabinowitz

Performed by Sara GurevichEmma HoetteJessie Young, and Anne Zuerner

Music composed and performed by Galen Bremer

Videography by Run Shayo and Guillaume Caron

Trailer by Zoe Rabinowitz

Forest Fire

Cold Kind (Music Video)

Premiere: March 10, 2013, Clash Music (

"Celebrated for its dark soundscapes, Screens' sound mined a set of familiar influences - Can, Kraftwerk, Joy Division - to find something new to say in the 21st century.

It's probably not one to play with the lights off and nobody else home, all throbbing and unsettling and skin-creepingly intimate. That said, the band finds space for warmth, and that certainly comes through on this track."

- Clash Music, 2013

Created and Directed by Galen Bremer

Music by Forest Fire from the album Screens (FatCat Records)

Waiting in the Night (Music Video)

Premiere: September 13, 2013, Stereogum (

"The looping synth hook on Forest Fire’s “Waiting In The Night,” encapsulates the modest, yet charismatic style of both the band and its new music video directed by Jordan Alexander. The clip is very direct and simply shows the band playing, but captures a sort of late-night intimacy that meshes perfectly with the song. Here’s a quote from Alexander on the video’s inception:

We considered having a live audience, but quickly opted to go without, which, while filming, it gave me this odd feeling like it was a performance people would’ve really liked to be at, if they’d have known about it, but they ended up missing out. Like people do. Here’s this band playing a brilliant piece of music in some cool underground New York venue, and you would love it, but instead you’re stuck at home watching reruns of your favorite show. Fortunately, the band had it filmed for you."

Stereogum Magazine, 2013

Produced and Directed by Jordan Alexander

Co-Produced by Galen Bremer

Music by Forest Fire from the album Screens (FatCat Records)

Passengers (Music Video)

Premier: December 2, 2013, Stereogum (

"New York City’s Forest Fire released their third album Screens back in September. They released a video for “Waiting In The Night” the same day as the album’s release, and today we get their second video, for poppy track “Passengers.” It features black and white footage of artist Maurice Thomassen working on a large painting, as well as brief scenes where he appears to be painting the band members individually. “Passengers” kind of feels like summer; as vocalist Mark Thresher harmonizes with bandmate Natalie Stormann in the chorus, her cheerful flute playing and surf rock guitar riffs give the song the easy-going vibes of warmer seasons."

Stereogum Magazine, 2013

Directed by Galen Bremer

Music by Forest Fire from the album Screens (FatCat Records)